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Triple J hosts pranked by their boss find out payback’s a b**ch!

Spoiler: They were not going to interview Kendrick Lamar.

TRIPLE J breakfast hosts Ben Harvey and Liam Stapleton were left red-faced after being pranked by their boss in an act of revenge.

The prank was payback for when they called their new boss, Lachlan Macara, on Wednesday morning last week just after 6am and woke him up by blaring the Evanescence song, Bring Me To Life, down the phone line.

Macara failed to see the funny side of the early morning wake up call and the Triple J duo were pulled off air for a short amount of time while they got a talking to over the phone.

Ben and Liam preparing for their interview.

Ben and Liam preparing for their interview.Source:Supplied

But somewhere between Wednesday and Friday, Macara found a sense of humour and the Triple J boss decided to get revenge by pranking the pranksters.

After their show on Friday morning, Ben and Liam were summoned to a meeting with Triple J’s music director who told the duo they’d been offered a worldwide exclusive interview with Kendrick Lamar. The only downside was that the phone interview was scheduled for 6am on Saturday morning.

Spoiler: They were not going to interview Kendrick Lamar.

Spoiler: They were not going to interview Kendrick Lamar.Source:AFP

Lamar is one of the biggest music stars in the world so the radio hosts agreed to come in on their morning off to record the five-minute interview.

On Saturday morning the duo waited nervously for the call with Lamar to be connected, but little did they know that the whole thing was a ruse.

Instead of being connected to the Humble singer, a snippet of the Evanescence song, Bring Me To Life, started playing down the phone line.

Ben and Liam immediately realised they’d been pranked, and they couldn’t believe it.

“You dog!” Liam said in reference to his boss.

“This is the most I’ve ever prepared for an interview in my life. I’m a bit drunk too, to be honest. I had a big night last night so it’s probably a good thing we’re not even talking to Kendrick Lamar.”

You can watch the full video of the prank below:

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